Turn Kids’ Art into Shirts – The Best Gift for Kids That Love to Draw

Sparking Creativity: The Magic of a Basic Pen

In the world of children, a simple pen becomes an endless source of imagination. They never hesitate to paint and draw on newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers, and even white walls. Children can create countless images with just a square shape and a vertical stroke, from clothes and small flowers to big houses. Using brushes, they build a world that is uniquely their own.

Wearable Art: Printing Your Child’s Creativity on T-shirts

Today, children’s T-shirt designs are all created by adults. While these patterns are lively and cute, they lack the innocent imagination of children.

If your child enjoys drawing, why not print their creative and imaginative artwork on T-shirts? Turn them into children’s clothes or design matching parent-child outfits. You can even package them into gift boxes for relatives and friends. These T-shirts are one-of-a-kind, brimming with emotions, artistic flair, distinctive characteristics, and taste. Moreover, such a unique outfit will hold significant sentimental value, giving the child a greater sense of accomplishment.

turn kids drawing into shirts

A Joyful Moment: Customizing Kid’s Drawing T-shirts

Children feel joyous and pride When they see their creative works transformed into tangible clothing or gifted to loved ones. Their imagination is recognized and showcased, further inspiring their love for art and encouraging them to express themselves more actively.

This approach to customizing T-shirts is also a beautiful moment of shared participation between parents and children. You can choose patterns, colors, and clothing styles together, involving them in the design process. Not only is it a great parent-child interaction, but it also strengthens the family bond.

As patterns intertwine, shades merge, and fabric takes shape under combined decision-making, a tapestry of shared experiences weaves a tighter connection, nurturing lasting memories.

How to Turn Kid’s Art into Shirts

The simplest way to turn your kids’ art into shirts is by using custom DTF transfers, which is straightforward, offering excellent results in personalized clothing creation. All you need is to have your child’s artwork ready, a T-shirt, and a heat press gadget. It’s just that simple. Next, let’s proceed step by step to learn how to turn your kids’ artwork into shirts.

What is DTF Transfer?

In the previous article, we learned what custom DTF transfers are.

Custom DTF Transfers (Direct Transfer to Film) are a new technology. It is cutting-edge technology that directly prints the artwork onto PET film. This PET film is heat-resistant and non-deformable, and it has a hot melt adhesive glue on the back that you can easily transfer the artwork to clothes with a heat press machine. 
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Step by Stey to Turnk Kids’ Art into Shirts

Step 1: Selecting a Drawing

Among the array of drawings your child has crafted, selecting which one requires careful consideration. Opt for their favorite, perhaps their very first creation, or something sketched on occasions drawing like birthdays, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day – all of which bear significant sentimental value.

Step 2: Digitalization of the Drawing

After selecting the drawing, the subsequent step involves digitalizing it to prepare for printing. If you have access to a scanner, kindly scan the artwork. If not, take a clear photograph of the child’s artwork using a digital camera or scanner. Pay attention to the shooting angle, ensuring the device and the artwork are level to prevent distortion in the resulting image.

Once the artwork is converted into a digital format, feel free to edit and refine it as necessary, ensuring it’s primed for printing.

Step 3: Print DTF Iron On Transfers for Shirts

Next in line, the digitalized artwork is ready to be printed onto a specialized DTF transfer film. This step can be conveniently managed through Simply upload your artwork, and select the desired size and quantity. The finished transfers will then be promptly shipped to your doorstep. Super fast and super easy!

DTF transfers do an excellent job of preserving the vibrant colors of children’s drawings. They use large digital printers, come in full color, have no quantity restrictions, and are environmentally friendly. 

This is unmatched by traditional screen printing, which usually requires larger quantities and is not eco-friendly. Hence, custom DTF transfers proved to be ideal for T-shirt creations.

Step 4: Transfer the artwork 

It is the last step, place the DTF transfers onto the chosen shirts and use a heat press machine to apply heat and pressure, 320°F / 160°C. Medium pressure for 12-15 seconds, then peel off the film gently.

To enhance the longevity of the artwork, heat press the artwork again. 

Final Thoughts

Children’s creativity knows no bounds. Through custom-made T-shirts, their artworks come to life. These unique artistic creations not only make them proud to wear but also allow them to share their talents and imagination with relatives and friends. Let’s encourage their creativity and use their artistic talents to add color and beauty.

Finally, whether it’s a gift for your child, a present for loved ones, or a cherished keepsake, these custom T-shirts will become precious memories of their growth, capturing the beautiful moments of their childhood. Let’s cherish their talents; what is the process for printing a child’s artwork on a T-shirt? 

Custom DTF transfers offer an amazing way to turn your child’s art into unique, personalized clothing. The process preserves the innocence and authenticity of their creative expressions while providing a sense of accomplishment when they see their art transformed into wearable art.

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