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How to Make Metallic Stickers

How to Make Metallic Stickers


Metallic stickers, known for their unique metal sheen and durability, are trendy in personalized decorations and commercial branding. Unlike regular stickers, they are created using a special process of electroplating and transfer printing on metal surfaces. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to make metallic stickers.

Making Metallic Stickers

2.1 Required Materials:

  • A computer equipped with professional image design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for precise design and adjustment of patterns.
  • A transfer device suitable for metal materials, capable of stable operation at high temperatures.
  • High-quality metal sheets for electroplating, selected in appropriate sizes and materials to match design requirements.
  • Metal foils, such as gold or silver foil, are used to create a decorative layer on the metal sheets during electroplating.
  • A special adhesive for the electroplating process ensures a strong bond between the metal foil and the metal sheet.
  • A specialized transfer film for accurately transferring the pattern onto the metal sheet after electroplating.

2.2 Production Steps:

  • Designing the Pattern: Carefully design the pattern using image design software, ensuring the details and colors match the final electroplated effect.
  • Film Removal: Print the designed pattern onto a transparent film, used in the subsequent plate exposure process. Ensure the accuracy and clarity of the pattern at this stage.
  • Plate Exposure: Transfer the pattern onto a photosensitive plate material and expose it using professional equipment, accurately mapping the pattern onto the metal plate.
  • Electroplating: Electroplate the exposed metal plate with a layer of metal foil such as gold or silver to achieve a glossy and decorative effect.
  • Applying Adhesive: Evenly apply a layer of adhesive on the electroplated metal plate, preparing for the transfer process. Ensure the adhesive is uniform and bubble-free.
  • Line Drawing: Precisely draw lines on the transfer film following the contours of the design pattern, crucial for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the transfer.
  • Transfer: Accurately place the transfer film on the metal plate and complete the pattern transfer using transfer equipment, paying attention to temperature and pressure control.
  • Peeling and Finishing: After the transfer, allow the metal plate to cool naturally, then carefully peel off the transfer film. Check if the pattern is complete and, if necessary, trim and tidy up to ensure the appearance and quality of the metal sticker.

2.3 Storing Metallic Stickers:

  • Proper storage of metallic stickers is crucial. Store them in a dry, ventilated, and light-protected environment to prevent color fading and material damage. For long-term storage, consider using sealed bags or containers in cool places to avoid quality deterioration due to external environmental factors.


Metallic stickers, with their luxurious visual effects and excellent durability, shine in various applications. Whether for personal projects or commercial purposes, metallic stickers significantly enhance the added value of products. The key lies in precise material selection and a strict production process, ensuring the production of beautiful and high-quality metallic stickers.

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