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Custom Metallic Stickers: A Powerful Star of Customization

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Have you ever heard of metal stickers? They are a distinctive decorative material that adds a unique texture and visual appeal to products by transferring patterns or texts with a metallic effect onto various surfaces. These labels utilize a special transfer technology to imprint metallic-hued inks onto a film, which is then applied to the object’s surface, creating a label with a metallic texture.

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1. Advantages of Metal Stickers

a) Outstanding Visual Impact: The metallic sheen catches the eye, enhancing the overall appearance and feel of the product. Plus, they come in customizable colors: red, silver, black, blue, gold, etc.

b) Durability: Metallic labels are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring they won’t easily peel off and are suitable for long-term use.

c) Flexible Application: They can be applied to various materials, including plastic, paper, glass, etc.

d) Simple Production: Compared to traditional metal plaques, the production process for transfer labels is more straightforward and faster.

2. Process of Making Metal Stickers

Design: Start by designing the pattern, text, or logo based on market demand or personal preference. Then, customize the size of the transfer label according to the dimensions of the item to be transferred.

Transfer: Create a transfer plate from the designed pattern and use transfer equipment to imprint the ink onto a specialized film. (As this requires professional equipment, you can choose to contact us. Send us your artwork, and we will create high-quality metal stickers within 1-3 days.)

Apply: Transfer the film with the metal stickers onto the product’s surface.

Set: Ensure the label is firmly attached and the design is set in place.

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3. Applications of Metal Stickers

Electronics: In the world of gadgets, where branding is everything, metal stickers add an element of sophistication. They are perfect for creating long-lasting, elegant logos on laptops, smartphones, and high-end audio equipment. Or we can customize metal dial stickers and apply them to the watch.

Fashion Accessories: The fashion industry thrives on exclusivity and brand identity. Metal stickers can transform ordinary accessories into statement pieces. They serve as the perfect embellishment for designer handbags, shoes, and luxury outerwear, offering that touch of opulence that sets a brand apart.

Beauty Products: Metal transfer labels can also be used on the surface of cosmetic bottles and other products. They adhere seamlessly to glass and plastic, giving these delicate products a more premium look and ensuring they stand out on retail shelves.

Corporate Branding: Companies often seek innovative ways to promote their brand, and metallic transfer labels provide just that. They are ideal for corporate gifts, promotional items, and high-end business cards, offering a memorable brand touchpoint that feels as luxurious as it looks.


Metal stickers have become an indispensable part of modern product design due to their unique visual effects and outstanding durability. Their application range is expanding, providing simple, economical, and effective solutions for both personalized small-scale production and large-scale commercial use. With continuous technological advancements and growing market demand, metal stickers will play an increasingly important role in the future of product decoration.

If you’re interested in custom products, please contact us. You just need to provide your artwork and we will customize it according to your requirements. Our production cycle is 1-3 days, the size can be customized, and we support standard shipping and fast shipping. We will do our best to solve your customization problems. We not only customize metal stickers but also custom DTF transfers and custom 3D UV transfer labels.

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