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How to Custom DTF Transfers for Shirts

custom DTF transfers for shirts


In today’s world, where personalization and creative expression are increasingly valued, custom DTF (direct-to-film) transfers for shirts have emerged as the perfect fusion of style and functionality. This unique technique, which involves printing designs directly onto a special film and then heat-transferring them onto shirts, delivers sharp and long-lasting images. Its application extends beyond corporate branding to include individual fashion statements.

custom DTF transfers for shirts

3 Key Elements of Custom DTF Transfers for Shirts

a) Designing Artwork

The heart of custom DTF shirt transfers lies in the design. For businesses, it means combining market research and brand identity to create artwork that includes company logos and slogans. Individuals can unleash their creativity with designs featuring personal signatures, favorite patterns, or unique quotes. Professional software like Photoshop allows for the perfect blend of intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

b) Choosing the Right Shirt

The choice of shirt significantly affects the final print quality. Considering DTF transfer’s compatibility with materials, options like pure cotton or blended fabrics are ideal to ensure the clarity and durability of the printed design. Moreover, the color of the shirt should complement the artwork for maximum visual impact.

c) Precision Placement of Artwork

Deciding on the placement of the artwork is crucial. Whether it’s the shirt’s front, sleeves, or back, a strategic layout can make the design stand out, highlighting individuality.

 the Location of Custom DTF Transfers

Getting Custom Transfer Shirts

a) Personal Production: Transferring the design onto the shirt using a heat press is an option. Disadvantages: you need to debug the technical parameters of the equipment, and personal production is complicated.

b) Professional Service: Submit your design to us, and our team will utilize professional DTF transfer technology to ensure vibrant and durable prints. We commit to a turnaround time of 1-3 days for high-quality transfers, with flexible logistics to meet diverse customer needs.


Custom DTF transfers for shirts have become a popular choice in the shirt customization field due to their high-quality printing, wide applicability, and increased production efficiency. They cater to the market’s desire for personalization and variety and open new avenues for brand promotion and personal style expression. With this technology, every ordinary shirt can become a canvas for creativity and emotion.

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