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How to Custom DTF Transfers for Hoodies

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Embrace the new wave of personalized fashion with direct-to-film (DTF) transfer technology. This advanced printing method allows you to add a personal touch to various types of apparel, including shirts, hats, hoodies, and bags. In this article, we’re going to focus on how to apply custom DTF transfers for hoodies, adding a stylish edge to your wardrobe.

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Materials and Equipment Required

  • DTF Printer
  • High-quality DTF transfer film
  • Design software (like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator)
  • Your choice of hoodie
  • Heat press machine
  • Protective paper or Teflon sheet
  • Scissors or a cutter
Custom DTF Transfers for Hoodies

Steps of Custom DTF Transfers for Hoodies

a) Logo Design:

When it comes to designing a logo, there are two considerations. For businesses, market needs and trends are crucial. For personal projects, align it with your style. Professional design software like Adobe Illustrator is perfect for crafting designs that are both trendy and unique. Remember, you need to have the right to use the logo.

b) Creating Heat Transfers:

After arranging your designed logo, print it onto the DTF transfer film using a DTF printer. Next, the film with the design is ready to be heat transferred onto your chosen material.

c) Choosing Hoodies:

Selecting the right hoodie for heat transfer is crucial. Consider two things: the material and color of the hoodie, which can significantly impact the final transfer result. Generally, cotton or cotton-blend hoodies are best for heat transferring; and the color of the hoodie should complement your logo.

d) Deciding on the Position:

Based on your design and personal preference, decide where to place the logo on the hoodie. Common spots include the chest, back, sleeves, or the top left or right corners.

e) Heat Transfer Process:

Set the heat press machine to the appropriate temperature and pressure, typically around 275ยฐF. Place the prepared transfer film on the predetermined area of the hoodie and press it.

f) Cooling Down:

After the heat transfer process, let the hoodie cool down naturally to set the design in place.


Custom DTF transfers offer endless creativity and personalization for hoodies. Whether it’s for personal use, team uniforms, or brand promotion, custom DTF transfer technology meets your needs, creating both unique and professional visual effects. With continuous advancements in technology and creativity, the future of custom DTF transfers in apparel design is set to broaden and deepen. If you are interested in custom DTF transfers for hoodies, please feel free to contact us. We offer high-quality DTF transfers. Not only for hoodies but also for shirts, hats, and bags.etc

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